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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vanished Persian army said found in desert

Bronze weapons, a silver bracelet, an earring and hundreds of human bones found in the vast desolate wilderness of the Sahara desert have raised hopes of finally finding the lost army of Persian King Cambyses II. The 50,000 warriors were said to be buried by a cataclysmic sandstorm in 525 B.C.

Updated (Nov 27 ,09): New article & Photo: We’ve found the lost army of the King of Persia

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Undercover Fashion in Iran

For a related video, check out Iran's Young Rebels (CBC News: Sunday).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Virtual Museum of the Achaemenid Empire!

musée achéménide (Achaemenid Museum) is a virtual museum dedicated to the Persian (Achaemenid) Empire.
The site is mostly in French but the navigational stuff are available in English.

Friday, April 03, 2009

First day of Spring is officially Norooz in Canada

Congratulations to all Iranians and all those who celebrate Norooz!
It didn't make it for this Norooz but as of next year, first day of Spring is officially recognized in Canada as Norooz (or "Nowruz" as they've spelled it). See Bill C-342.
Here's an email statement from Dr. Reza Morifi MPP:

Dear friends:
I am extremely happy to inform you that on Monday March 30, 2009, the House of Commons (federal parliament) passed a motion and proclaimed the first day of Spring "Nowruz" in Canada. This is a great news for the Iranain community and to all other communities that celebrate Nowruz.
This proclamation of the House of Commons was followed by the proclamation of Nowruz by the Parliament of Onatrio a year ago.
Since Mr. Michael Ignateiff became the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada a few months ago, I began negotiation with his office on this matter and Mr. Ignateiff personally took ownership of this symbolically significant matter for the Iranain community and moved it forward.
At the final stage of the process, following negotiations with other parties, Mr. Ignateiff managed to gather the unanimous consent of all parties required for passing this motion by the House.
My good friend and my federal counterpart, Mr. Bryon Wilfert, also played a key role in this process by putting forward the Nowruz motion.
I wish to thank Mr. Ignateiff for his leadership in this matter. I also thank Mr. Wilfert and the Liberal Party of Canada. The Iranain community of Canada will remember them for ever!
Reza Moridi