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Friday, April 28, 2006

A great tool to avoid RSI

After reading Official Google Blog: Avoiding RSI I started looking for a good tool to avoid RSI (aka Repetitive strain injury, a disorder affecting bone and muscle from repetitive movements) and found Workrave. Now I can't stop using it:
It has 3 break timers:
1. Micro Breaks (asking your to stop and rest for a few seconds)
2. Rest Breaks (A few exercises follow by a few minutes away from the computer)
3. Daily Limit (Tells you when to stop working for the day)
All of the above are fully customizable and optional. If you spend a few hours or more on your computer you should try this great tool. It makes a big difference.

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Nathan said...

Yeah, contrary to popular belief, workstation ergonomics isn't just providing the right equipment, it's about using the equipment properly as well. Often, that entails asking people to change the habits of a lifetime, not to mention persuading the workaholics to actually take a break occasionally.

I had an ergonomics program like this, I can't remember for the life of me what the name of it was though. I lost it when my computer crashed though but I never bothered to reinstall, as taking breaks was a habit by then. It doesn't matter how people get themselves into the habit, so long as they do.