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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One day without the Internet!

Yesterday I lost my Internet connection in the morning and I was without it all day. I managed to do my usual stuff online via the neighbor's WiFi (I had to sit out side to get a signal but it happened to be an excellent weather). Then I managed to make a chicken BBQ marinate, a full course meal and even a desert. I practiced more Piano lessons than usual and yet I even managed to watch the 2-hour premier of "Invasion" that I'd recorded.
Today's my 2nd day without the Internet and I've even managed to update my blog yet I don't think I've spend 1 hour in total online!
So maybe, just maybe, spending so many hours a day on the net, specially for kids and teens, is not any better than the often criticized "too much" television, even though you can usually get more useful things done by wasting your time on the net instead of the TV!