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Monday, October 03, 2005

Cool things you can do with Google Search

  • Dictionary: try "define:word", "define:LCBO" or "define:e.g."
  • Calculator: and not just the basic operations: you can get sin, square root (sqrt) an even choose: see all operations
  • Currency conversion: e.g. 1 USD in CAD
  • Movies: try "movie:Corpse Bride"
  • Try numbers like tracking numbers, barcodes, area codes etc.
  • Ask Google factual questions like "population of Iran" (This hasn't work too great for me, although you will get your answer whether it's Google answering your question or just a related web site!)

  • Most Google services (maps, groups, etc) are also integrated into web search.
  • For a full up-to-date list bookmark Google Help : Search Features.