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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Linux you can use.... at last!

If you look around my web site you will find a few articles I wrote encouraging people to use Linux. There are distributions that are easy to use but the fact is up until now every one of them while very easy to use overall, had one small problem that would make you spend hours trying to figure out... so while I've been using Linux for two years now, eventually I gave up on making other people use Linux.
Then, a few days ago I heard about Ubuntu Linux so I though I gotta give it a shot. I tried it on two computers, one at work and my laptop. It worked like a charm on both computers. Not just it was easier to use than other Linux distros but it was much easier to setup that Windows (may dad run Windows on a laptop just like mine).
So I think it's finally time for everyone to try Linux. But while it worked out nicely for me, Ubuntu may not be totally there yet, so for now I only recommend it to people interested in computers. But then again, as I always say, if you've read this far you'll want to give a shot :-)