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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Geek Jargon Explained

Pharming: When fraudsters redirect net users from legitimate to fake sites
Phishing: Fraudulent e-mails and pop-ups to fool you into revealing personal information for criminal gain
Rogue dialler: Software that installs itself on computers and changes settings to dial a premium rate number instead of usual dial-up account
Spam: Unsolicited e-mails, often offering products or services in which you have no interest
Spyware: Small programs that secretly monitor sites visited, potentially violating privacy and slowing computers
Virus: Malicious program designed to damage data; usually spread via infected e-mail attachments
Trojan: Malicious software disguised as harmless program
Firewall: Software to protect computers against hackers
Keylogging: Software/hardware to track keystrokes on a computer to gather passwords, credit card numbers

I found this list in a BBC Article about a survey by AOL UK that claims 16% of participants never heard of the word "spam". Well duh! If you're still using "America Online" and you're doing it in "Europe" I'd even be surprised if you'd recognized the word "e-mail"!