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Monday, March 07, 2005

Chahar-Shanbe Souri @ Sunnybrook Park

(Sunnybrook شب چهارشنبه سوری در پارک)

Tuesday 15th 5-9pm
Info: (416)893-8530

This year, thanks to Iranian Students Association at York University and student association of other universities in Toronto, city of Toronto has decided to keep this tradition this year. Try to become volunteers as your help is desperately need. Further please follow these rules if you wish have 4shanbe Souri next year:

1. Cars are not allowed in the Park, so please do not drive to the parks entrance and avoid traffic (Well I can't say I hate to see a street closed because of so many Persians, but I do want to see 4shanbe Souri next year, so please...)
2. Leslie North will be closed.
3. Do not park in buildings near the park or your car will be towed away.
4. There are 4 (and only 4) designated places to start a fire.
5. No alcohol (that's the general rule for Ontario's parks anyway)
6. I know you love to drive, but please try to take the TTC for once.
7. Can't volunteer? Please at least try to help the volunteers.

Parking is available at the church at Don Mills & Eglinton, in the Sport Alliance building as well as Ontario Labor Federation (in front of Loblaws). There will be signs in the area to guide you to the parking lots. There will be shuttle buses to take you to the park and back.

Here is a Press Release (in Persian) with all the information you need to know.

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